Castro Verde: Dealer with registration, arrested for the third time by GNR.

He served four years in prison for drug trafficking. It is released about a year, but he had been arrested in September 2018 and returned yesterday to be detained. Today will be brought before court.

Military core of Criminal Investigation (NIC) of Almodovar GNR, yesterday arrested a man 52 year old, for drug trafficking in the county of Castro Verde. In detention in flagrante delicto, They were seized 329 doses of heroin, 205 euros in cash and a mobile phone.

José Rodrigues, resident does not place Tacões, parish of St. John of Cadeireiros, municipality of Mértola, moved up regularly to the Algarve where the acquired narcotic, which subsequently sold directly to consumers, in the municipality of Almodovar.

"Zé dos Heels", as it is known, "owns" an extensive record for drug trafficking, having in February 2013 He has been sentenced to five years of effective imprisonment, of which served four in Prison Beja, finding was released about a year. At the time he was arrested in Mértola, by NIC Almodovar military, in possession of heroin and cocaine to enough 315 individual doses and a shotgun weapon.

In September last year, shortly after being released, He returned to trafficking and was again arrested, this time in Almodovar, while driving a car, which were seized 12 individual doses of hashish. He was subject to daily performances at the Territorial Office of Castro Verde, locality where yesterday was arrested for the third time.

"Zé dos Heels", GNR was detained in facilities, It is present today to a investigating judge in the Judicial Court of Almodovar. In addition to the action NIC military were engaged means of Castro Verde and Almodôvar Territorial Offices.

Teixeira Correia


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