Castro Verde: Preventive for dealer with registration, detained three times by the GNR.

Is in custody the individual held by GNR in Castro Verde for drug trafficking. It is the third and the second holding time is in Prison Beja.

José Rodrigues, of 52 year old, arrested for the third time by the GNR for drug trafficking crime, He remained in custody. In February 2013 He was sentenced to five years in prison and effective in September 2018, after serving the sentence was again arrested.

Thanks to daily performances at the Territorial Office of Castro Verde, "Zé dos Heels", as it is known in the drug world, He was arrested on Thursday, after more presentation to GNR, having been seized 329 doses of heroin, 205 euros in cash and a mobile phone.

Resident no place Tacões, parish of St. John of Cadeireiros, municipality of Mértola, the accused was moving regularly to the Algarve where the acquired narcotic, which subsequently sold directly to consumers, in the municipality of Almodovar.

"Owner of a vast register" for drug trafficking, the individual was arrested and convicted for the first time in February 2013 shame fulfilled in Prison Beja (EPBeja). In freedom, He was arrested in Mértola, in September 2018 by NIC Almodovar military, in possession of heroin and cocaine to enough 315 individual doses and a shotgun weapon.

"Zé dos Heels", He gave new entry in EPBeja on Friday, having a source of the establishment referred to Lidador News (LN) that "already know well the corners of the house", concluded.

Teixeira Correia


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