Castro Verde: Guy burned the house, is on bail.

The individual who fired the room with his mother and two sisters inside, is on bail, subject to the fulfillment of three enforcement measures.

He was on bail, the mason, of 51 year old, in the past day 12 Feb., It caused a fire in residence, where he lived with the mother of 91 year old, instead of Galeguinha, Entries parish, Castro Verde municipality.

The individual was arrested by inspectors of South Board of the Judicial Police on Wednesday, and in the following exits been present for initial questioning before the Court of Almodovar, being subject to the fulfillment of three enforcement measures, to maintain freedom.

No criminal record, The bricklayer, It is obliged to perform weekly at the post of police authority of his residence, prohibition of having the mother and remain near their residence and submit to the treatment of alcohol dependence in specialized institution.

If you do not comply with the judgments, the individual will be the subject of an arrest warrant and will remain in custody awaiting trial.

A drunken framework and a family discussion with his mother and two sisters, the man threw gasoline in various parts of the housing and attachments, and fired them fire. The prompt intervention of firefighters major damage, but yet put in my hand the three relatives who were there.

Teixeira Correia


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