Beja: Seven years in prison, in cumulus, which includes threats to the judge.

Threatened and offended a judge and was jailed for a year and a half, in legal height, with a crime of domestic violence was sentenced to seven years.

He had been sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison for threats and offenses against a judge and disturbance of an institutional body, now for legal overlap for other crimes in which he was serving 6 year old, He was sentenced to a single penalty 7 years in prison.

On 19 September 2018, while reading the judgment of a domestic violence case a crime of violation of impositions, prohibitions or interdictions, Justino Batista, of 34 year old, born in Évora, Judge Vítor Rendeiro did not restrain himself and offended and threatened with death.

On 17 November last year, was tried and convicted by a Collective Criminal Court of Beja to a year and a half in prison, subject to legal overlap. At the end of reading the judgment and, correctly the defendant told the judge: "This is little, I expected more. I was told that in this court the judges were very tough ”, which brought a smile to magistrate Ana Batista.

Now, when assessing the penalty to be applied in a legal cumulative, the magistrate considered that the accused, who is imprisoned in Alcoentre Prison (EPA), "Has a violent personality and a clear criminal tendency and not just an occasional practice", considered as appropriate the 7 years in prison.

Justino Batista has yet to fulfill, successively, a pity of 2 years and 7 months in prison, for a crime of domestic violence, practiced in 2016, and whose suspension of execution of the sentence has been revoked.

Starting from 2004, with 17 years, the individual's criminal record certificate contains several convictions for crimes of theft, theft, offenses to qualified serious physical integrity and resistance and coercion on employee, in total 11 years and 1 month in prison, suspended in its execution and also a penalty of fine of 640 euros.

No EPA, where have you been since 25 September 2020, Justino Batista is already pending disciplinary proceedings for alleged possession of a substance with alcohol content.

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