Justice: Relationship rejects appeal by nurse convicted of violation.

The Évora Court of Appeal confirmed the sentence of six years in prison and other ancillary penalties to which the defendant was sentenced in the first instance by the Court of Beja.

The Court of Évora Relationship (THREE) dismissed the appeal filed by a nurse at the Local Health Unit in Baixo Alentejo (ULSBA) who was sentenced to six years in prison, suspension of the exercise of functions at the same time and 15.000 victim compensation euros, for a crime of sexual abuse of a person unable to resist.

In February 2019 a Collective Criminal Court of Beja, found the defendant found guilty of the crime perpetrated against a sick woman who turned to the José Joaquim Fernandes Hospital Emergency Department, in Beja, one case occurred in the early hours 18 July 2013, a bathroom that hospital service.

At a session held last day 10 November, the judge judges of the TRE did not accept the argument of the defendant's defense, having “dismissed” the appeal. Last year after reading the judgment that condemned the nurse, her defender maintained that the sentence was “the biggest injustice that ever happened at the Beja Court”, concluded.

According to JN, the case will now be sent to the 1st Instance, where after the final decision of the TRE decision, arrest warrant for serving a sentence will be issued. As the penalty is less than 8 year old, the law does not allow an appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice, leaving the defendant and his defense to present arguments to the Constitutional Court (TC). A judicial source told our newspaper that “given the type of crime, it is very difficult for the magistrates of the TC to analyze the appealed matter ”.

Had in Beja Hospital breast, as "an excellent professional and a person integrates", after the events and on request, the nurse was transferred to a basic emergency service (SUB) a health center from another location in the district.

Teixeira Correia


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