Beja: Inmate caught with drug inside jail, will be judged.

An inmate, of 41 year old, serving a prison sentence for drug trafficking, was caught in two magazines in the cell with drugs hidden under the mattress and inside the personal closet.

The facts occurred in 17 and 19 July 2019 inside the Beja Prison (EPBeja), when the guards were suspicious of the man's behavior after visits and made two raids and detected the narcotic.

In the first search the inmate had under the mattress, 20,82 grams of hash and two days later were picked up inside the cupboard, 1,01 narcotic grams of the same product.

The individual, resident in Seixal, that left EPBeja last year, will be tried by the Collective Court is accused of a crime of drug trafficking, risks a prison sentence among the 4 and 12 year old, aggravated by another quarter in the maximum and minimum limits, by virtue of having been committed inside a prison.

Teixeira Correia


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