Beja: PS elects two deputies, which was not the long 2009.

oped 10 year old, or Socialist Party (PS) back to elect two deputies, causing the PSD has not elected the deputy who came to choose from 2011, when Carlos coins returned to replace a member of the district in Parliament.

As no country, the PS was the winner in the Beja district, both votes as mandates, having achieved 26161 votes, or equal to 40,71%, electing 2 MEPs (Pedro do Carmo and Telma Guerreiro.

Instead the PSD is the big loser of the Legislative, to achieve 8.544 votes, which results in a percentage of 13,29%, which did not allow him to elect Henrique Silvestre Ferreira, "New Carlos Coins", as dubbed Nuno Morais Sarmento, Coordinator of the National Campaign of the Social Democrats.

Henrique Silvestre Ferreira, Rui Rio one bet, que não aceitou a escolha da Comissão Política Distrital de Beja do PSD que tinha escolhido Inês Maria Guerreiro, as the list of head of the Social Democrats, failing to elect a deputy, as it had been going on for eight years.

In turn, the CDU elected its traditional Deputy, João Dias, Through the foregoing that the term was replaced John Ramos, to achieve 14.655 votes, its worth a percentage of 22,80%.

The PS won in all fourteen districts of Beja district, and won 69 the 75 parishes, and the remaining six (Aljustrel and Rio de Mills / Aljustrel, Baleizão/Beja, St. John the Boilermakers / Mértola, Luzianes-Gare / Odemira and Sinks and V.N.S.Bento and Vale de Vargo / Serpa)

The Socialist Party returns to the electoral registration 2009, when elected Luis Pita Plum and Fernando Medina, which would then be replaced by Santana Garlic Eugenia.

Results of the Legislative 2019 (

PS: 26.161 40.71%-votes, CDU: 14.655 Feedback-22.80%, PPD/PSD: 8.544 Feedback-13.29%, BE: 5.833 Feedback-9.08%, CDS-PP: 1.480-2,30%, Enough: 1.313 Feedback-2.04%, PAN: 1.269 Feedback-1.97%, PCTP / MRPP: 865 Feedback-1.35%, Book: 397 votes-0,62%, Liberal initiative: 279 votes-0,43%, Alliance: 252 votes-0,39%, PNR: 200 votes-0,31%, MPT: 169 votes-0,26%, We Citizens: 118 votes-0,18%, PDR: 101 votes-0,16%, PPM: 95 votes-0,15% e PTP: 73 votes-0,11%.

Results of the Legislative 2015

registered voters: 128.926 subscribers, Voters: 74.485-57,77%, Whites: 1.230 votes 1.65% and Null: 1.132 Feedback-1.52%.

PS: 27.775 37.29%-votes, CDU: 18.592 Feedback-24.96%, PPD/PSD-CDS/PP: 14.980 Feedback-20.11%, BE: 6.105 8.20%-votes, PCTP / MRPP: 1.945 Feedback-2.61%, PAN: 608 votes-0,82%, PDR: 351 votes-0,47%, Purple: 340 votes-0,46%, PNR: 275 votes-0,37%, L/TODA: 271 votes-0,36%, MPT: 248 votes-0,33%, PTP/MAS: 193 votes-0,26%, PPM: 192 votes-0,26%, NC: 160 votes-0,215, SRC: 88 votes-0,12%.

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