Beja: PCP today promotes protest “In defense of the right to Health”.

The PCP today promotes 18.00 hours, a protest action, in front of the District Hospital of Beja, to denounce the problems that the population is experiencing in access to health, aggravated by Covid-19.

For the PCP, health problems, economic and social problems posed by the epidemic have no solution in the field of limiting rights, but with the adoption of investment measures in the health plan (namely hospitals, primary health care and public health).

The PCP delivered a set of 35 proposals aimed at strengthening the National Health Service, proposals that give expression to the real solutions and answers that the Country needs.

The strengthening of the National Health Service, to ensure the provision of health care to all patients with Covid-19 and other conditions requires an investment in increasing the capacity of the National Health Service, with more means, more health professionals, more equipment, more capacity in health centers and hospitals.

Proposals, the PCP highlights the strengthening of the Public Health Units, ensuring doctors' ratios, nurses and environmental health technicians by inhabitants who are established in the legislation or the recovery of face-to-face consultations in primary health care, that can be filled with the extension of opening hours, setting an exceptional incentive, identical to that applied in hospitals, as well as investment in the modernization of communications systems and IT equipment.

And because it considers Health to be a right enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic, the PCP “goes out to the streets today to denounce and fight”!

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