Beja: campsite has 19 users, most over 70 year old.

"People are scared", says the president of the Chamber of Beja, on the obligation to leave the campsite until tomorrow. Authority against users output.

"I have the right to chase out people whose only alternative is the campsite", Lidador told the News (LN) the Mayor of Beja, when faced with compliance with the order of the Government regulating the situation of users of camping and caravan sites and areas and camper service.

Paul Arsenio, He revealed that "we 19 users, most with 70 and over, wherein 15 are foreigners. Ten of them reside in the park a few years ago and the rest came in February and March ", adding that total "we are talking about 13 motorhomes ", concluded.

In terms of numbers, the mayor materialized in the park "are citizens of six nationalities, including four couples. There 6 Dutch, 5 British people, 4 Portuguese, 2 Belgian, 1 Swedish and 1 German", arguing that these "Swedish citizen and a British seek home, but with the situation that exists, where and how to find ", asks the mayor Bejense.

It is recalled that document approved by the State Secretary of Tourism, which entered into force on Saturday, forces off until next Friday to users that the emergency declaration date "do not reside permanently", those tourist establishments.

Arsenic Paul argues that "the park is closed and is the site safer. At the time there are all made to quarantine and no one is sick ", explaining that "people are very frightened. Let's see how to treat it, It is a very sensitive issue ", finished.

The Bejense mayor recalls that closed borders and questions: "To go to their countries ?. If our government or their home countries make repatriation flights are available to assist in transport in the municipality vehicles ", held.

Arsenic Paul also said that "a German citizen living in Luxembourg and a Dutch citizen looking back to Holland home of a sister. They are trying to acquire airline tickets ", concluded.

The campsite closed in the past day 19 March and, although there is still no decision of the City Council Executive Bejense, Paul Arsenio does not put aside the possibility of "the parking is not paid, merely the costs to light and water ", explaining that "there is a collection room and the facilities are disinfected every day", waiting for the Government to clarify the order and "leave room to municipalities to help and not to decide people's lives", concluded.

Residents may stay in camping sites, but others have come out.

The campsites and caravan sites have to organize “orderly exit and quiet” of users until Friday, according to an order of the Government published on Sunday, allowing the permanence of resident campers.

“Users of campsites and caravan sites that, when the state of emergency declaration made by the Decree of the President of the Republic 14-A / 2020, of 18 March, reside permanently in these tourist establishments, They can remain in them to ensure the response to housing need”, clarifies the Tourism Secretary of State, Rita Marques, in order published on Sunday in the Official Gazette and signed on Saturday.

The ruler determines that “organization of an orderly exit and quiet of users of camping and caravanning, as well as users of motor caravan service areas, It must be carried out within five working days”, counted from the order date of publication, no Sunday.

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