Beja: MP deducts accusation against murderer of Francisco Ferro.

Manuel dos Santos, the homicidal confess, killed friend with six stabs in the room he had rented. He is accused of qualified homicide and possession of a prohibited weapon. Risks 25 years in prison.

The Public Ministry (MP) from Beja accused Manuel dos Santos Mendes, known as “Blé Açorda”, of 59 year old, as the perpetrator of the crime of qualified homicide of his friend Francisco Ferro, also known as “Chinese”, of 63 year old, killed with six stab wounds.

Both the PJ and the Investigating judge, the defendant confessed to the crime, that will have resulted from the friend's offenses, assuming remorse for his death and was available to cooperate with justice.

The crime occurred at about 13,30 hours, do dia 26 May last year, at the defendant's house, in Beja, with six stab wounds: that hit the victim in the chest and abdomen area, that punctured his lung and diaphragm on the right side and caused his death, second MP.

In October 2019, Manuel Mendes had rented a room to Francisco Ferro, in housing located less than 100 meters from Beja Prison, on a street parallel to the place where the individual is in preventive detention.

According to the charge order that the Lidador News (LN) We had access, “The cohabitation of the two individuals was guided by constant discussions because of the cleaning and tidiness of the house, during which the victim insulted the accused. In that day, the latter equipped himself with a knife and when the other was sitting on the bed with his back to the door, he delivered the six blows ”.

After the crime, “Blé Açorda” washed his hands and arms, changed clothes, He left home, abandoning the murder weapon on the spot, walked about 200 meters, went to a nearby cafe and asked to call a taxi. To the taxi driver, the murderer asked me to take him to the Jardim do Tribunal, behind the PSP Police Station, where after walking more 200 meters, came in and confessed to killing a man. PSP agents went to his home and found the victim's body, prostrate in bed in a bloodbath.

The day after the crime LN talked to the taxi driver who transported the murderer, who asked not to be identified, who started by saying that “I had already transported the individual several times. There was no sign or conversation to show what had happened ”, justifying that “it was only an hour later that I heard about the crime”, finished.

“They were 13,54 hours, when I received a call to transport a customer. Asked me if the court was open, but it didn't explain why. He asked me to leave him by the garden. He paid me and I moved ”, held.

Manuel Mendes is accused of a crime of qualified homicide and another of possession of a prohibited weapon and in accordance with the diverse punitive pleading of the penal code raised in the prosecuting order, risks the maximum penalty, 25 years in prison.

The judgment will be carried out using a Collective Court and is scheduled for the next day 2 March.

Teixeira Correia


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