Beja: Young algarvian judged by two murder attempts. “Reckoning” in the origin.

A couple of 27 year old, residing in Montenegro, municipality of Faro, It begins today to be prosecuted in the Court of Beja, charged with two counts of murder in the attempted form and prohibited weapon detention crime.

Luis G., It is subject to the measurement standby duty coercive housing, with electronic surveillance, having been in custody in Prison Beja.

They are also accused, Delio P., of 32 year old, resident in Albufeira, accused of the crime of simple offense to physical integrity and Joel B., of 29 year old, residing in Portimão, and in custody in Silves, the orders of another process.

The case dates back to the dawn 11 February 2018, when looking das 08,30 hours, the three Algarve individuals were involved in attacks with two young residents in Beja, outside a bar in town Alentejo. The "pitched battle" took place in a yard opposite the bar, was such that a firefighter of Beja volunteers, It turned out to be assaulted kick.

According to the indictment order of the public prosecutor (MP) Beja, Louis G, He attacked their opponents with a knife, reaching one in the left armpit of the area and the other in the right retro-auricular area, causing injuries requiring hospital treatment. At the time the offender was transported to the hospital, location from which fled, not having been observed by medical teams.

Fence and three months after the violent occurrence, and in fulfillment of a search warrant domiciliary the Judicial Police arrested the accused and seized a shotgun shotgun shotgun, gauge 12, a metal knuckles and two knives, of which have been used in assaults.

The main accused of the case requested that the statement to avoid trial, what failed, with this face it is noticeable that the five involved in aggressions already known and concerned will have been a "reckoning".

Teixeira Correia


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