Beja: Christmas illuminations on from Tuesday.

The Christmas lights in the city of Beja will be switched on from the 17,00 hours of this Tuesday and until the next day 6 January. Motorists will have three hours of free parking at Avenida Subterranean Park.

The illuminations will stay on between the 17 e as 02,00 hours, with the exception of some points that are connected to the public network, which are linked according to the opening hours of these spaces. One of the cases is the lighting of the Castle Keep.

Beyond the Castle, this year the Library will also be illuminated, part of Avenida Fialho de Almeida, the rest of Rua Sousa Porto, the novelty of the Air Force Rotunda, at the northern entrance of the city.

In 2020 the cost of Christmas lighting, will have a cost of 59.684,85 euros, last year having a lower cost, next to 42.000,00 euros, but with less illuminated arteries. Christmas activities, extra lighting that last year cost 65.000 euros, were halved.

In view of the contingencies generated by the covid-19 pandemic, the Municipality of Beja decided that in addition to New Year's Eve and Fireworks, the Christmas Market will not be held, the Giant King Cake and the Senior Community Lunch in the Municipality.

No period 1 of the December 6 January citizens will be able to enjoy 3 hours of free parking at Avenida Miguel Fernandes Underground Park.

Teixeira Correia


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