Beja: Group tried for fifteen robberies of establishments and homes.

The trial begins today at the Beja Court and between the assaults is perpetrated at the Rotunda do Bandeirante Kiosk, where did they come from, among other goods, 10 thousand euros in tobacco.

Six defendants, including a woman, aged between 28 and 46 year old, natural and resident in Beja, who formed a group that between January 2015 and March 2017, assaulted 15 establishments and residences, were accused of theft crimes and will be tried by a Collective Court in the Central Criminal Court of Beja.

A seventh element was ultimately not charged because he died during the investigation of the crimes.

According to the indictment order of the public prosecutor (MP) Beja, that the Lidador News (LN) We had access, five of the individuals, including the woman practiced thefts and the sixth element, one of the oldest, was responsible for receiving and “dispatching” the stolen goods.

The group's first assault took place at dawn on 19 January 2015, having broken the padlock on the railing of a kiosk, from where they stole two thousand packs of tobacco worth 10 thousand euros, scrapers in the value of 1.280 euros and 150 euro cash, causing havoc on the door and railing of establishment in about 500 euros.

In another of thefts, it was noted the caricature of one of the defendants living in a house on loan and when he had to return it to the owner, stole all the goods that were inside, from a water heater to the lock on the house entrance door, no value 1.000 euros.

When the defendants entered the homes, they took everything they could find that could be sold, in some cases even food has been stolen, having caused thousands of euros of damage to stolen goods and damage to victims' homes.

For trial, whose first session will take place next Monday, the MP requested the hearing and half a hundred witnesses taking into account the need to materialize all the facts contained in the indictment, for “perception of the dimension of criminal activity and discovery of material truth”, justified.

Teixeira Correia


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