Beja: He spent a year in custody. He was acquitted of attempted murder.

Young acquitted of attempted murder and aggravated robbery crime. He has been in custody one year.

A youngster, of 21 year old, born and resident in Beja, who was in custody since February 2018, accused of the practice of first degree murder in attempted aggravated robbery and form co-authored, He was acquitted by a city court Collective and was set free.

The defendant was punished 150 fine days the daily rate of 5 euros, total no 750 euros, on which day he was in custody will be deducted, more than 365 days, by prohibited weapon detention crime.

In the unit of the Alentejo Coast Local Health (ULSLA), It was rejected the request for repayment 501 euros, more arrears, for the victim's treatment, given the acquittal of the accused. Another citizen, this Spanish nationality, who was accused of the crime of robbery aggravated coauthored, It was also cleared.

The facts were, according to the Public Ministry (MP), linked to a sale of hashish in an individual of Santiago do Cacém, occurred on the night of 3 August 2017, a dirt road, located near Beja. The individual, according to the MP would shot with two shots, I intended to buy the narcotic, was accompanied of the child, then with 11 year old, traveling in the bank hangs next to the parent.

In reading the judgment, Magistrate Victor Maneta, It did not yield as proven "authorship or the circumstances in which the victim was the target of the shooting", which led to the defendant's acquittal, that after the end of the session was set free, not returning to Prison Leiria, where he was in custody.

Teixeira Correia


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