Beja: Aircraft Maintenance Station employs 40 people.

Airbus A-321 da Hi Fly, is the first aircraft that is undergoing maintenance operations in the MESA hangar, where they work 40 people, of which, 25 are from the region.

Four dozen workers, among mechanical personnel, engineering, secretariat and coordination, are working in the hangar of the Aircraft Maintenance Station located on the grounds of the Civil Aeronautical Terminal (TCA) Beja.

Of 40 workers that MESA employs, 25 are from the region, wherein 15 left the first training course promoted by the company itself last year. The remaining ten and a half professionals, considered as “Seniors”, given their specialization in the sector they came from the Lisbon region and many of them have already rented or bought housing in villages near Beja, where they settled with families.

Also one of the city's hotels, since the beginning of construction of the building in March 2019, who is a direct beneficiary of the investment, since several of its technicians use the unit for overnight stays and meals.

The industrial building where the Maintenance Station is located is owned by MESA-Aircraft Maintenence & Engineering, subsidiary of the Portuguese airline Hi Fly and the land where it is based, belong to ANA-Aeroportos and were concessioned for a period of 40 year old.

Maintenance operations started last Tuesday when the first aircraft, an Airbus A-321 from the parent company Hi Fly, entered the hangar, to receive maintenance work. The entry of the first aircraft takes place after licensing by the competent aeronautical entities, following the tests carried out during the spring and summer of 2020, who approved the infrastructure.

Paul Arsenio, President of Beja House, was at the site when the first maintenance work on the A-321 was underway and considered that “the day 12 January 2021 is noted in the history of aircraft maintenance in the hangar and in the city's airport infrastructure ”, having revealed that during February MESA “plans to finalize the architectural and specialty projects for the second phase of the hangar, to be completed in 2023 ”, finished.

In the coming months of February and March, MESA foresees the filling of another ten jobs, resulting from a second training course to be held at its facilities in Beja, since the company's headquarters is in Quinta de Figo Maduro, near Lisbon airport.

When the second phase of the hangar is complete, the construction of offices in their surroundings in an area with approximately 5.000 m/2, the total investment value will be 30 million, height that should have a total of 150 direct jobs.

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