Beja: In defense of better accessibility in the municipality.

The Democratic Coalition Unit (CDU) promoted during the afternoon of this Saturday a slow automobile ax that will connect Beja rural parishes Salvada / Quintos, Fat Head and Aubergine, to demand “better accessibility in the municipality.

One of CDU's main concerns is with the Municipal Road (EM511) linking the county seat to the villages of Salvada, Fat Head and Fifths, which has suffered in recent years a constant degradation, being the cause of several car accidents and a lot of damage to vehicles, namely, at the level of windshield and pneumatic windows.

Victor Picado, Alderman Beja House, elected by the communist coalition, was the spokesman for the discontent started by justifying that the march, refuting words that may have been spoken by Mayor Paulo Arsénio that “the same thing happened because it was close to the elections”, justifying that “it is necessary to demand that the improvements in terms of accessibility are significant, since they have degraded a lot in the last three years ”, concluded.

“Junta presidents complain about the high level of degradation of rural streets and paths, that despite requests, have not undergone interventions by the socialist majority of the Municipality of Beja ”, shot. Also the National Road 121 / IP 8 that connects Beja to Beringel “a structuring route for the development of the municipality, for the connection to Lisbon ”, deserved criticism from the councilman.,

The mayor recalled that the former Executive of the Bejense autarchy led by the CDU “created conditions in terms of equipment for adequate interventions, namely a central asphalt mass, that the current Socialist Executive sought to sell, but, which is now being used by an electoral distress ”, accused Vítor Picado.

One of the EM511 sections in worse condition, are the about 6 kilometers that connect Beja to the Herdade dos Falcões mill, that in view of the daily circulation of incoming and outgoing heavy goods loaded with 30 a 40 tons olive, bulk oil and bagasse and which cause constant damage to the floor, creating real craters in the asphalt.

Asked about the owner, he should be called to responsibility for carrying out works to access the property. Picado justified that “as far as I know, there will be availability on the part of the owner due to the great degradation in this section.. A different answer is needed in the one where the vehicles leave and enter and make a traction movement and destroy the floor. Just yesterday there were several drivers who blew tires. It is important to call the owner to a conversation to be part of the solution ”, finished.

When faced with the fact that this march is the launch of his candidacy for the presidency of the Municipality of Beja by CDU, after 12 years as councilor, Victor Picado, soltou uma sonora gargalhada e fundamentou que “não tem nada de eleitoral. In time, it will be made known the result of the reflection we are doing and very soon we will present your proposals at that level ”, justified.

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