Beja: The lack of staff from the GNR for paid free service at the Fluvial Park..

GNR does 90 kilometers to patrol Beja Fluvial Park. Territorial Command refused gratified, now do “grace” with staff from the Alvito Post.

The lack of manpower to guarantee surveillance and security in the Cinco Réis River Park, in Beja, through paid service, took the Territorial Command (CTBeja) GNR to “respond” with “taxpayers' money”.

After the questions posed by Lidador Notícias (LN) last week, since Friday a patrol has been on site for five hours, entre as 14 e as 19 hours, without any cost that the Municipality of Beja assumed.

But adding to this, there is the fact that the military personnel assigned to the service belong to the rank of Alvito, which means that between leaving and returning to the subunit, have to travel 90 kilometers with the Guarda vehicle. If the patrol is split into two pickets from the same station, then the distance to go doubles, in total are 180 kilometers.

As LN revealed yesterday, the municipality of Bejense officiated the GNR to have patrols in the River Park, through the payment of gratuities between 17 July and 30 of September, “Two patrols of three elements, for six hours, two hours in the morning and four hours in the afternoon ”, according to the mayor of Beja.

Paul Arsenio, justified that before the inauguration the commander of GNB's CTBeja, made it known that “there were not enough operational staff to allow the service to be performed”, adding that “there was never any disagreement about. The Chamber would pay for the service in accordance with the tariff values ​​and according to the table sent by the Guard itself ”, justified.

LN questioned the General Command (CG) from GNR on the reasons that led to change the position taken last week and why it is free patrol instead of paid as the municipality intended, justified that “there was no change in procedures”, adding as clarification that “an event was held at Praia dos Cinco Reis last day 1 August (the photos were taken after 17,00 Sunday hours, 2 August), there, for this reason, need to reinforce policing in that area, in order to guarantee road traffic and criminal prevention, mainly near the parking area”, remataram.
The GC of the Guard reiterated that policing in that area “is carried out within the scope of the general mission of the Guard, through general patrolling and with the frequency appropriate to the reality of each moment”, justified.

Contacted the Mayor of Beja, and about an eventual event held at the Fluvial Park on the day 1 August, the responsibility of the municipality, denied the same: “andwind from CM Beja on the beach where your presence has been requested? Do Not. CM Beja has all events suspended until 31/08 and this also applies to beach events”, ended the mayor.

Paulo Arsénio is also surprised by the physical presence of a patrol in the Fluvial Park. “Being weird patrol that they stay there 2 hours in the afternoon”, adding that “GNR patrols now pass regularly 5 trip (at least it has been happening these past few days) and this service has no costs for the Municipality”, finished.

Teixeira Correia


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