Beja: Red Cross has been abandoning its work for more than 4 year old.

The institution has already spent 850.000 euros in rents, over half a million euros in construction, but in the future the space should be managed by Santa Casa da Misericórdia.

What should already be a Portuguese Red Cross Residential Home (CVP) in operation, it has been an abandoned building for more than four years where around half a million euros have been spent. It was once the target of robberies and is now a refuge for drug addicts.

The building, a antiga cantina da REFER, belongs to the Infrastructures of Portugal (IP) and although the works stopped in February of 2017, CVP continues to pay the monthly rent where it has already spent so far 850.000 euros.

In 28 November 2012 the Red Cross, by the hand of then president Luís Barbosa, signed a lease agreement with IP for the space, valid for 20 years and renewable, to install the Nursing Home and the Home Support Service there, that work in an old building in the Historic Center of Beja.

After invested 500.000 euros, in February 2017 and due to lack of bank financing, the works stopped. There was the possibility of a mortgage on a property of the institution in another location, but the idea didn’t advance and what was a future equipment turned into a “mausoleum”.

Nine days after taking office as chairman of the National Directorate of CVP (27 November 2017), Francisco George was in Beja, city ​​where he lived between 1976 and 2001 and announced that through the Beja Delegation “more than one million euros will be invested in the construction of the residence”, ensuring that “that the next day 2 January 2018 the works will be resumed. You are guaranteed financing 600 thousand euros for the complete ". Three years have passed and the situation is the same: works stopped.

JN found out that an architect was recently hired to do a study on the work and the possibility of its restart. I spend the money, someone in the CVP dome structure decided that it would not start over.

But the situation may have come around more serious. It is the current voice within the institution that the Red Cross will close the Nursing Home and Home Support Service, that will pass to the aegis of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Beja, that will take over the works and the rental of the old Refer building, but the debt of the half million loan will continue to be the responsibility of CVP.

by mail, on 26 April Lidador the News (LN) questioned the Red Cross about all these situations, but received no response, to the various questions posed.

Teixeira Correia


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