Beja: Convicted two traffickers Southwest Festival 2017.

Two individuals were sentenced yesterday in Beja Court to prison terms. In the Southwest Festival 2017 They set up in tents in the White House Estate of campsite, a “drug supermarket”.

Two dangerous registered for drug trafficking, They are serving prison sentences for the same type of crime, They were yesterday (Monday) convicted in the Court of Beja 6 years and 6 months and 5 years in prison, respectively, for offenses committed during the course of the Southwest Festival 2017.

David Marks, of 32 year old, Forums resident in Amora (Seixal), punished with a heavier penalty, and Tito Baldé, of 24 year old, with address in Lisbon, but already with ten convictions, half for drug trafficking, They are in such a dangerous way that they heard the reading of the judgment, handed down by Judge Carla Pereira, handcuffed and surrounded by prison guards and agents of PSP.

Durante o Festival, the two individuals set up several tents at the campsite and the surrounding trees hung two banners that read "Millionaire Firm" and "South Bank" to thereby identify the "drug supermarket" existing in space.

In two operations carried out in the White House Estate, in Zambujeira do Mar, county of Odemira, during the course of the event, Military Regional Command Beja GNR seized 95,772 grams of sufficient cannabis 8.122 individual doses, 49 grams of MDMA, to 235 individual doses, 2,848 grams of cocaine and 3.030 euros.

To cover most drugs, the two individuals "approached and convinced" two underage girls, in height with 17 year old, them to "keep" two backpacks, without telling them content. Following the first search made by GNR backpacks were found in the tent of the young, but researchers quickly realized the "scheme" and hours later made new search in the park.

In waist bags held by the two defendants, the military found several types of drugs, as a result of 2.210 euro banknotes. But the ingenuity of individuals to conceal the drug was the point of having buried in the ground, at a place near the camp of the "Millionaire Firma" were found several bags with cannabis.

In 5 August 2017 It was applied to the two defendants coercion measure of remand, but for not having been charged were released in January 2018, finding now attached to the order of other drug trafficking processes.

Balance Operation "West 2017"

During the operation which took place between 1 and 6 August, and directed to security and policing, and engaged daily 120 military of the various Guard, They were arrested 14 people, ten men and 4 women aged between 17 and 30 year old.

Accused of drug trafficking two of the detainees were applied coercion measure custody and the rest were subject to term of identity and residence, and was further elaborated 8 contraordenação cars for drug, in addition to the seizure of various amounts of drugs and money.

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