Beja: Autarchy limits the permanence in the cemetery on All Saints Day.

Autarchy limits visits and length of stay, but does not close cemetery on All Saints Day. The measure should extend to parishes.

A 1 November, Hallowmas, and the day before, Saturday 31 October, Beja Chamber, unless otherwise specified by national legislation that may be published, “The cemetery will not close on the days referred to”.

Confirmation was made to Lidador Notícias (LN) by the mayor who nevertheless ensured that recommendations will be made public, as “the mandatory use of masks to access the cemetery, limit the visit of family members and the limit number of people per grave and a maximum time spent with them ”, justified.

Paulo Arsénio recalled that “people have already been deprived in the recent past of the cemetery on symbolic dates such as Mother's Day, for example, when it was closed ”, maintaining that they will be recommendations “that if everyone follows can help”, finished.

For the edil there is also a condition that can change all expectations of families who will go to the cemetery: “This one still has to wait for the weather conditions forecast for that weekend”, remembered.

The measure should extend to the cemeteries of the various parishes in the municipality of Beja, situation that will be communicated in good time to the chairmen of the board.

Teixeira Correia


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