Beja: Planting cannabis seized nine guns, a sawed pipes and ammunition.

On a hill close to Our Lady of the Snows, county Beja, Leaves were seized and cannabis plants, nine weapons, one shotgun sawed pipes and close to three hundred ammunition of various calibres.

Military core of Criminal Investigation (NIC) Beja GNR, an individual detained 52 year old, for drug trafficking, and seized cannabis plants and leaves and even nine weapons and ammunition.

The arrest occurred a lot in the parish of Our Lady of the Snows, Beja in the county and was under an investigation going on for about a month, where the military ascertained that the suspect used the room to cultivate cannabis and receive the drug buyers.

Armed with a warrant for house search, NIC operating the Territorial Detachment of Beja, seized cannabis leaves, sufficient to 327 individual doses and also 17 the same drug plants.

In addition to the narcotic were also seized nine guns, four of hunting, one with the sawed pipes, a carbine, two revolvers, two air guns, Besides 296 ammunition of various calibres.

After defendant made, the individual will wait for the proceedings in freedom, by term of identity and residence, having the facts been referred to the Judicial Court of Beja.

Teixeira Correia


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