Local 2021: António João Valério reappointed by the CDU in Alvito.

The Democratic Coalition Unit (CDU) announced that the current Mayor of Alvito is re-running for the third term.

António João Valério, 64 year old, Mayor of Alvito since 2013, returns to be the candidate of the CDU in the race for the presidency of the city council for a third term.

Professor, Master in Modern History by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon. He held the positions of President of the Board of Directors at the Viana do Alentejo and Vidigueira Schools, director of the Teacher Training Center at the André de Gouveia School in Évora, president of the Parents Association of the Alvito School Group and secretary and president of the Alvito Parish Council. He is currently the president of the Alvito Fire Department since 2011.

CDU also announced that António Piteira, commander of the Alvito Volunteer Firefighters and president of the Municipal Assembly of Alvito since 2009, is the head of the list for this last position

In local authority of 2017, António João Valério repeated the victory of 2013, getting 49,65% of the vote, against 31,78% by Fernando Viola from PS, 10,92% of Luís Ferro from PSD and the few 1,99 by Ismael Pimentel from CDS / PP.

It is so far the only municipality in the district that had an independent or independent movement candidate as president when João Paulo Trindade was elected in 2005 and led up to 2009.

Despite being the second smallest and least populous municipality in the district of Beja, Alvito is jointly with Moura the Municipality that has had the most mayors since the first municipal elections, new: Joaquim Pereira Cabanas (3 year old) 1976-1979, António Ramalhete Sigh (3) 1979-1982, Armando de Figueiredo Brito (3) 1982-1985, Francisco Godinho Trinity (8) 1985-1993, José António Lopes Guerreiro (8) 1993-2001, António de Sousa Paiva (4) 2001-2005, João Paulo Launches Trinity (4) 2005-2009, John the Baptist Penetrates (4) 2009-2013 and António João Ugly Valerio (8) 2013-2021

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