Municipal Assemblies: National Association holds 2nd National Congress.

The National Association of Municipal Assemblies (ANAM) will gather in National Congress the 19 September that in this 2nd edition will take place in Braga. Alexandra Leitão, Minister for State Modernization and Public Administration, will be present.

It's scheduled for the day 19 of September the 2nd National Congress of ANAM that will join at Altice Forum Braga, associates and guests at an event that will also be attended by the Minister for Modernization of the State and Public Administration, Alexandra Leitão.

“The new challenges of Local Power” will be the theme highlighted in this edition, which will feature the interventions of Diogo Feio, professor at the Portuguese Catholic University, Hélder Silva, Mayor of Mafra, and Catarina Marcelino, deputy and president of the Montijo Municipal Assembly. A round table will be moderated by Carlos Magno.

Still within the scope of this initiative, the “ANAM 2020 Awards” will be delivered which, similarly to the previous year, aim to enshrine the good practices of Municipal Assemblies in their connection with voters. Other points of interest will also be highlighted, namely the presentation of proposals and motions with the aim of enhancing the appreciation of the role and effectiveness of Municipal Assemblies.

It should be noted that these proposals and motions must be sent to ANAM headquarters, by delegates to Congress, until next day 12 August. The Management of ANAM places a special focus on the participation of congressmen in the planned debates, for its importance and in order to obtain a guiding line for future action sustained by the vast majority of those elected by these important deliberative organs of Local Government.

Segundo affirms Albino Almeida, president by ANAM, «This meeting will be an important milestone for the affirmation and appreciation of the role of Municipal Assemblies, in this atypical time that we are going through ».

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