Almodovar: Festival “South written”-The Feast of the Portuguese Speaking-of 17 a 20 October.

The Almodovar village promotes, of 17 a 20 October, the Festival “South written” – The Feast of the Portuguese Language.

Over four days, the event visitors will attend a high-quality programming, all of it subsumed under the promotion of the language of Camões.

Or Festival “South written” It aims to bring back to innovation in our region, celebrating our language in its various expressions and strands. The Portuguese-speaking music, a literature, tales, or discussion, theater, conversations, the presentation of books and a wide range of initiatives, They will make it to be a single party for all ages.

The “South written” is a festival you want all without exception, are included in this authentic cultural marathon that will promote 17 a 20 October.

It makes perfect sense to hold this festival in Almodovar, as the event celebrates, at the same time, the importance that the writing is on our territory since there 2500 year old, namely “Southwest writing”.

The South Written Festival has free entry. We take this opportunity to invite you to be present in this cultural marathon, promoted by the municipality of Almodovar.

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