Almodovar: Camera closes year 2018 no debts to suppliers.

The Municipality of Almodovar, He ended the year 2018, without any debt to suppliers, regarding the procurement of goods and services.

In a statement the council justifies “This is the 5th consecutive year that this happens, mercy of a controlled management and the effort that makes daily”.

The Almodovarense authority transitioned from 2018 to 2019 in full balanced budget situation, without any payment arrears and a surplus of 2.017.744.77 € (two million, seventeen thousand, and seven hundred and forty four euros 77 cents).

The executive of the municipality of Almodovar “He is proud of the effort that makes the day-to-day” and “welcomes all municipal employees who have been working for the local authority management is in progress according to expectations”.

The President of the Municipality said that they will continue to do everything possible to maintain strict management, transparent and effective public money, avoiding waste and investing needed for the proper functioning of the local authority, to promote the county, products and producers, as well as the overall improvement of the municipality of Almodovar.

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