ACOS: Farmers' Association is against the dismantling of DGAV

ACOS defends “One Health” and after the National Beef Fattening Association, also comes to the public to say that against the dismantling of the Directorate General for Food and Veterinary (DGAV).

ACOS - Southern Farmers Association, taking into account recent developments in matters of animal health and welfare, comes to publicly express total disagreement with the Government's decision to allocate powers in this matter, between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Environment.

A ACOS, the scope of their activities, namely animal health, the conservation and breeding of breeds, technical support, vocational training in transport and animal welfare matters, the marketing of animals, among others, has, since long time, close collaboration with the Directorate General for Food and Veterinary (DGAV), with notable benefits for animal production, always in compliance with national and community legislation.

We are fully aware that, for the sake of public health, the entity responsible for national animal health cannot be devoid of competence in matters directly related to it, as is the case with animal protection and welfare, whether from farm animals, be it from pets. Animal welfare and health, and consequently public health, are inseparable.

Strange is that, at a time when there is more and more talk about the importance of having a holistic “One Health” approach (“One Health”), as a global design, make up your mind, in Portugal, separate the protection of pet animals from that of farm animals. This position, of a purely political nature, to be realized, it doesn't make any sense and it totally goes against international guidelines, Community legislation and the proper management of public resources.

Animal health needs a technical and independent body like DGAV in the Ministry of Agriculture, that centralizes the set of competences it already has, but have enough resources, material and financial human, to act in accordance with its mission and the legislation in force.

With a body highly qualified and committed to the development of national agriculture and animal production, we all win in matters of animal welfare and protection, ensuring food security and public health. National food sovereignty and animal welfare depend on such an organization, strong, qualified, acting and immune to pitches of a political party nature.

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