Volta a Portugal: Back to Knowledge. Because the Tour is Science.

The 80th Volta a Portugal travels the country 1 a 12 August and, the third consecutive year, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES) It follows what is considered the Proof of national cycling Queen.

In editing 2018 Back to the Knowledge, dezenas de instituições divulgam o Conhecimento produzido pelas instituições de ensino superior e de ciência mostrando a ligação profunda que existe entre a comunidade científica e o território nacional.

Around the Knowledge kicks off this Wednesday, day 1 August, alongside the 80th Volta a Portugal, to 10 steps full of science and technology innovation that are the basis of the relationship between higher education institutions, companies and regions.

The initiative taken by the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education (Sects), Maria Fernanda Rollo, We intend to fulfill the commitment made by a country with more training, more science, more culture, more knowledge, searching:

  • promote knowledge of the Portuguese territory, their cultural heritage, natural, scientific and technological;
  • encourage closer ties between higher education institutions and the territories in which they operate;
  • emphasize the importance of training and knowledge, indispensable to the responsible use of natural resources and the preservation and enjoyment of nature, enhancing the awareness and involvement of citizens
  • value the assertion of regions as knowledge contexts, approaching communities and creating supportive environments for social innovation, scientific, economic and cultural.

In http://www.voltaaoconhecimento.pt estão disponíveis conteúdos de base científica em torno das 10 Steps to Knowledge, taking into account the specificities of the territory and its scientific and technological context, which show that the Around the knowledge and the Volta a Portugal have science, developed in various territories-oriented communities. The contents are grouped in the following categories: History; Heritage; Music; Literature; Innovation; Territory, Environment and Landscape; Gastronomy; Arts and Crafts; Health; and Sport. A iniciativa pode igualmente ser seguida através do Facebook e do Twitter.

Daily Return to Knowledge integrates the RTP program There Volta during which researchers are invited to disseminate the work done within the higher education institutions to better know and understand the territory, the landscapes, people, their culture and their traditions, presenting projects developed in the region corresponding to each of the steps.

In the program there will also be released Volta, every day, the quiz Knowledge to sprint through which viewers are encouraged to identify photographs and to contribute information and data on the territory portrayed them. Replies will be given on social networks via the hashtag #voltaaoconhecimento.

Around the Knowledge is an initiative of the governing area of ​​Science, Technology and Higher Education, developed in partnership with the Tour de Portugal and RTP, and with the collaboration of higher education institutions, Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities (CRUP), the Coordinating Council of Higher Polytechnic Institutes (CCISP) and the National Innovation Agency (YEARS).

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