Vidigueira: Youth volunteering in the Forest – youth Active.

Municipality and Fire Vidigueira Volunteers approve the project “Vidigueira Green” under the program “Youth volunteering in the Forest – youth Active”.

Under the program “Youth volunteering in the Forest – youth Active”, promoted by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, It approved the project “Vidigueira Green” Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firemen of Vidigueira (promoter) in partnership with the municipality of Vidigueira.

This project will take place between 17 July and 30 September and is aimed at young people aged between 18 and 30 year old. Its main objective is to focus on protection and enhancement of forest areas in the Vidigueira municipality and the qualification of the natural heritage.

in this sense, and through the young volunteers, awareness-raising will be held with the communities of the territory, with specific population groups, for the purpose of educating for good environmental practices and management of forest perimeters of the clusters of the county.

volunteers: Valor de ressarcimento diário (10 euros); Ocupação diária de cada voluntário (4 hours); Período de exercício da atividade voluntária (15 days) e Equipas voluntárias constituídas por 4 young

Young people interested can register via the link:

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