Vidigueira: President of the Municipal Assembly “slams the door”.

The president of the Municipal Assembly (AM) Vidigueira, He announced last Friday, during the meeting of that body, the intention to resign from office, invocation of "reasons of personal and professional order".

The Lidador News (LN) You know that at issue in question is the appreciation of the State Spatial Planning-review process of the Plan Report Municipal Director of the Municipality of Vidigueira, which consisted of point 3 the last Municipal Assembly and it would not be the knowledge of the Chairman.

Peter in January, independente eleito pela CDU, You will not like the document ignorance, besides the fact that it has been requested in January of this year to a consultant whose cost have been around 50.000 euros.

By LN, Peter said in January “I make no comment, in addition to what said in the Municipal Assembly”.

The "Journal of the Alentejo, the mayor reiterated his intention to leave the presidency and referred further explanation of the matter to the letter to formalize the resignation, who has not written.

In the local elections of 2017, CDU elected seven members of the Municipal Assembly of Vidigueira, PS five and independent lists three. However, Communists assured that most organ adding to elect the four chairmen of the parish councils county.

Teixeira Correia


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