Serpa: Found body in an advanced state of decomposition.

A body in an advanced state of decomposition was found in the municipality of Serpa, district of Beja, these fonte da GNR, referring not have been possible to determine whether it is a man or a woman.

According to the News Journal (JN), the source said that the body was found in the field, by a popular, near the Estate of S√£o Br√°s, near Serpa, having been given warning to the GNR 15.30 hours Tuesday.

The body was sent to the medical service of legal Beja Hospital. The Judicial Police Faro was called to the scene and is investigating the occurrence, according to the source of the GNR.

Sick of missing Alzheimer's in the Serpa 6 July.

In the absence of any certainty about whether the body found is male or female, remember that the day 8 July the authorities began to conduct searches to find a woman 72 years disappeared two days before in Serpa.

The alert for the missing woman, who resides in Serpa, and suffers from Alzheimer, It was given on Saturday morning, by one of the daughters. The search began immediately and involved military GNR, supported by two teams cinotécnicas, and firefighters Serpa corporation. Source of Relief Operations District Command (CDOS) Beja said at the time the alert was given to 8.34 Saturday hours.

Through facebook family launched the alert and asked for help, having on Saturday, a citizen of Serpa, Dulce Santos, said that "around 18,00 hours saw the lady, next to the field the ball, treadmill of the court ", adding that the woman had "anything worn pink rose and fact pants type training", situation which was then communicated to the commander of the post GNR.

On Monday, 9 July, the Public Relations of the Territorial Command Beja GNR, Captain Daniel Ferreira, He revealed that "the searches will be completed to 00,00 hours and if the lady is not located, They will no longer be resumed on Tuesday ", concluded.

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