Portel: Bus Terminal in the bus burning. It is the second case in place.

Two buses from the bus Alentejo, who were stationed at the bus terminal Portel, They were totally consumed by fire on Saturday morning. About two decades there has been a strictly equal situation.

The GNR took occurrence account, with the Judicial Police were called to investigate the "strange fire", as defined by the mayor, that was ready to place.

The warning was given to 07,15 hours, having Firefighters Volunteer Portel (BVP), whose headquarters is located around 200 meters, occurred immediately to the site, no longer managing to stop the flames that have spread quickly to two cars, the total consumed in.

The Bus Terminal, property of the Municipality of Portel, It is made by the terminal and the car park, getting buses outside the building. For unknown reasons the flames flared in the vehicle and quickly spread to other.

The building did not suffer substantial damage, having ruptured due to heat two door glasses and smoke coming out of vehicles, He left the front of the very black space. This was the second fire with the same characteristics, since there are about 17/ 18 years burned two other buses, whose causes were never cleared.

To be running since yesterday and until tomorrow, Portel, the Fair Mounted, Bus Station car park is occupied by caravans of visitors, whisked half a dozen vehicles, whose occupants were awakened by popular, having been removed from space vehicles, without suffering damage.

The commander of the BVP, Arsénio Grilo, He referred to Lidador News (LN) that "to reach the place we find the two buses already on fire. The causes will be cleared by the authorities. No injuries to register ", justified.

The president of the municipality, José Manuel Grilo, He explained that "it is a strange case, but we believe it is a situation and a one-off incident. As soon as there are conditions begin to address recover the damaged space ", concluded.

They fought the fire 14 operating the firefighters, supported 4 vehicles, having moved GNR 4 military and two cars. We are awaiting the arrival of the inspectors of the Judicial Police.

Teixeira Correia


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