Ourique: Driver dies in charred screening followed by rollover.

The driver of a truck died, Thursday morning, as a result of screening followed by overturning, no IC1, in Ourique. Car caught fire and flames spread to the surrounding bush.

The driver, only occupant of the vehicle, charred died following the accident, cerca the 8.40 morning hours of Thursday, at km 651 do IC1, in Cerro Mines, in the town of Conception and Panoias, in Ourique county.

The alert was given to screen by a driver who followed the same path behind the truck crashed. The fire in the vehicle has spread to the surrounding bush and led to a fire, which it was now defunct, It was also fought by a firefighting helicopter based in Ourique that transported the six operational GIPS.

The vehicle's screening, carrying foodstuffs, motivated the cut via, in both directions, for at least one hour. For unknown reasons, the vehicle invaded the opposite way, eucalyptus and struck a flared-.

The heavy goods burned in full, enrollment included, so authorities are unaware of the origin of the vehicle, carrying food, and the identity of the driver.

The relief mobilized 27 operational and eight vehicles, including GNR. The Ourique Fire advanced with 16 men and seven vehicles, supported by six operational and two cars of Aljustrel and a car and five Sado Alvalade operating, vehicle SIV Castro Verde and Ourique GNR.

Teixeira Correia


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