Odemira: Fire leads to evacuation of hundreds of people and community of half.

A fire broke out in a carpentry a lot of community in São Martinho das Amoreiras, It led evacuation hundred and fifty people. There are no victims to register.

A fire broke out in a workshop located on the Mount of Pastries, parish of St. Martin Amoreiras, county of Odemira, It led to a foreign community rooted in space, were evacuated.

There are no victims to mourn among the residents of Monte Sahaja, as it is called by the community, with people from different countries.

The fire started, cerca the 15,40 hours, a community of carpentry led by spiritual leader Mooji, Jamaican descent, home to more than hundred and fifty people, men, women and children, having initially sprawled to the bush.

Quickly the fire progressed and eventually burn arbutus and enter a dense forest of eucalyptus trees that were also devoured, that had to be tackled by a heavy helicopter Kamov, parked in Loulé. The houses where the followers of the leader Mooji live, They were not met

The fire was controlled at approximately given as 18,00 hours and was contained by 55 operating the Fire Odemira Volunteers, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Ourique, Castro Verde, Almodovar, Aljustrel, Ferreira do Alentejo, Mértola and Beja, Afocelca e GNR, supported by 20 vehicles and a backhoe of St. Martin Parish Council Amoreiras.

Teixeira Correia


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