Fª Alentejo: GNR prevents bike ride on the A26 section closed to traffic.

“road traffic control operation "GNR prevented the entry of a group of ten cyclists who wanted to take a ride on the A26 section closed to traffic.

About a dozen soldiers from the Territorial Detachment of Aljustrel, They prevented this morning that a group of a dozen riders could carry out "a claiming ride" to demand the opening of a section about 10 kilometers of the A26, Old between Pied, in Ferreira do Alentejo county and Grândola node South A2, that cost 50 million and is completed two years ago and still closed to traffic.

The military of the GNR "were" at the roundabout to access the section to carry out a "road traffic control operation", stop sending drivers and to inspect documents and vehicles. When the cyclists arrived and the voice of the initiative's driving force, Carlos Sour, Teacher Secondary School Serpa, they told the commander of this force, Captain Jorge Massano, "The will to pass the barriers" that close the section were informed that "you can not circulate the same to be closed and a lot less bike", He justified the official.

The facilitator of the initiative made it clear that "fulfill your instructions. We are here to demand the opening of the section. Make known to his superiors that we return here the next day 28 of September", finished.

Asked to comment on the impossibility of entering the section, the teacher explained that "it was not an uphill coming. The gain is on the visibility of claim. We are not 10, We are a cartload of them ", concluded.

Florival Baioa, Beja Movement coordinator deserves +, was present and speaking to dozens of cyclists said that "only counts those who are, who did not come did not come. It is a claim USTA. People have a hard time giving face ", mourned.

The group then went to the Canal Skull, where they finished the tour and refreshed. Before leaving Carlos Sour said jokingly to the official GNR: "Masters are fulfilling your mission. They may go to Channel skull that will be paid seven soft drinks waiting for you ", finished.

The tour began in Serpa, to 07,00 hours, with Charles Tart out of your land, an hour and a half later, He stopped at the Rotunda of the Air Force, in Beja, where "collected" a few more adherents protest, state to come to the A26 stretch a little before 11,00 hours.

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