Beja: Detained man suspected of raping daughter.

The Judicial Police arrested a man, of 42 year old, on suspicion of the commission of two crimes of rape daughter, of 18 year old, occurred in Beja area.

According to the online edition of the Journal News (JN), the suspect was arrested on Monday and will be brought before the court for the first judicial interrogation and possible application of enforcement measures, refers PJ, in a statement.

A PJ explains that, after receiving “a telephone communication” about “susceptible facts to set the crime of rape”, He did investigative steps, what “have revealed that the victim, a woman, of 18 year old, It has been violated repeatedly by its parent”.

The suspect and the victim, both foreign, cohabit in the same household and it was in this context that have occurred the violation of crimes, refers PJ, indicating that “gathering relevant evidence” It culminated in the arrest of the man.

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