Cuba: Judicial police detain suspect in the crime of trafficking in persons.

The Judicial Police (PJ) today announced the arrest of a man for suspected practice of the crime of trafficking in people for agricultural work in the Alentejo, where they lived in “inhumane conditions” and “subjected to threats”.

The man, of 40 year old, He was arrested on Wednesday in compliance with an arrest warrant issued by the investigating judge of Cuba, no Beja district, said Lusa source of PJ.

According to the same source, the man was subjected to the first judicial questioning the Court of Cuba, On thursday, and left at liberty subject to coercion measure biweekly presentations to authorities.

The man was arrested in connection with an investigation for the crime of trafficking in persons in Alentejo, PJ developed by following clues about suspicious activity associated with the raising of hand labor in Eastern Europe and labor exploitation, states that police in a statement sent to Lusa.

Victims of human trafficking, men and foreign women, responded, through the Internet, the job offers for agricultural work in the Lower Alentejo and then, already in Portugal, “They were deprived of documentation identifying and remuneration, They suffered threats and lived in inhumane living conditions” and with “malnutrition”, PJ explained.

In research, PJ searches performed which allowed “seizing several documents associated with financial flows from activity”, detain the suspect and defendants constituted as a foreign woman and a legal person.

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