Beja: Strike prison guards postpones trials and prevents visits.

deferred judgments and negated visits is the setting of the three-day strike by prison guards. In Prison Beja this scenario already lived today.

The three-day strike of prison guards is doing "dent" in the courts and in the case of Beja was postponed a trial of an untried prisoner accused of a drug trafficking offense, not to have been conducted by prison guards from the Prison to the city court.

The accused has been convicted in the Court of Beja to four years and eight months in prison, the same offense, a pity that ruled in 15/01/2012 and met up 12/01/2015. He was also sentenced to a penalty of three years and six months in prison by the Court of Setúbal, also for a drug trafficking offense, which has not yet become final.

In the latter case the defendant was subject to preventive detention measure and was restored to freedom 14/03/2018, twelve days before the crime that begins today to be judged. The trial was scheduled for the next day 30 October.

The delayed this and other trials is due to the fact of not being provided for in the minimum services that must be provided during the strike, transporting prisoners to the courts.

Also the visitors of the relatives of prisoners if they will not perform during the three-day stoppage.

Prison officials began to 00,00 hours of Tuesday a strike three days, decided by the National Union of the Prison Guard Corps (SNCGP) and will join on Friday to halt the civil service.

According to SNCGP, the strike is related "to the need to defend the rights of the class and claim the commitment of the guardianship on the revision of professional status".

The number of prison guards is about 4.000 distributed 50 prisons. In the case of Beja Prison there are just over fifty officers for a population of 220 arrested, between preventive and condemned.

Teixeira Correia


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