Beja: Injured accident Aljustrel mine in serious condition.

Worker Aljustrel mine, yesterday fell into a pit inside a van, with another colleague, He is in serious condition in Beja Hospital. It has been operated to the lower limbs.

John Court Black, the mechanic, of 25 year old, natural Ervidel, yesterday was seriously injured following the collapse of a cash van in a pit of the mine Fetal, in Aljustrel, He remains hospitalized in the Hospital José Joaquim Fernandes, in Beja, "In serious medical condition".

According to a status report made by the Communication and Marketing Office (GCM) Unit Location of the Lower Alentejo Output (ULSBA), the man is hospitalized in the "multi-purpose intensive care unit" of the hospital, "Inspiring serious care".

The GCM added that John Court Black, "Underwent a surgery to the lower limbs".

Has learned the Lidador News (LN) next to a person close to the victim family, this presents "lung problems, It was ventilated and is in an induced coma ", adding "the situation is complicated", We fired our source.

Recall that yesterday about the 11,00 hours, a car carrying two mechanics of Mining Development Company Portuguese (EPDM), which provides services for Almina, owns the Aljustrel mine, It fell to a ditch 40 meters deep from an altitude of 310 To the 350 meters, dragging the two workers inside.

Joaquim Maria Guerreiro, of 46 year old, residing in Valley Eiras, Parish of Ermidas-Sado, municipality of Santiago do Cacém, Vehicle driver, He was incarcerated between the steering wheel and the plates and died instantly.

The helicopter Loulé INEM reached land on synthetic turf Stadium of Aljustrel and after doctor and nurse have stabilized Court John Black, It was transported by ambulance to the emergency room of the Hospital Beja.

Joaquim Guerreiro body, He was transported to the Medical-Legal Office of Beja and the autopsy should only be held tomorrow.

Soon after the accident, Luis Cavaco, leader of the Workers Union Mining Industry (STIM), Almina accused of not continuing to promote a real safety of workers: "In the mine there is not a true safety culture. There are many accidents that are hidden. Fear persists inside the mine and the workers are afraid of losing their jobs and in most cases do not speak. There was one death is more a number. The STIM will continue to fight and to disclose irregularities, always hoping that ACT act more actively ".

other cases

20 May 2015: A fall from a conveyor, a height 190 meters, led to Joaquim Gomes death, of 48 year old, resident in Odivelas, municipal Ferreira do Alentejo.

6 October 2017: A man, of 48 year old, He was seriously injured following a collision between a dump (tipper truck) and an open box van, a 200 meters deep, leaving your driver jailed. He polytrauma.

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