Beja: Collision is nine wounded, a very serious. Emergency Physician suffered heart attack.

A collision between two cars, one with a military and another with African workers caused nine wounded, one in very serious condition. An ER physician Beja Hospital suffered heart attack while receiving the wounded. The ULSBA states that the clinical felt bad before the arrival of rough.

A doctor at the ER (HIS) the Beja Hospital this morning suffered a heart attack when they gave input on that drive the nine injured in collision occurred in the IP 2. When it was possible to determine the clinical could not stand the pressure of input from all injured in the US.

After stabilized, the clinician was transported to the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, Evora, by one of the ambulances of Beja Firemen had transported one of the victims of the accident IP2.

Second was possible to ascertain the doctor will take about 50 year old, It is of foreign nationality, It is clinical primary care, under contract to provide services.

UPDATE: The Public Relations Office of the Local Health Unit of the Lower Alentejo (ULSBA) said the doctor felt bad before arrival the wounded and the transfer to the Evora Hospital was not due to lack of cardiologists.

The collision involved two passenger cars, caused nine wounded, a very serious light and eight, all male, aged between 20 and 53 year old, who were all transported to the Emergency Department of Beja Hospital.

The warning of the accident was given to 06,30 hours, and it happened to kilometer 330 Main Route (IP) 2, about what 3 kilometers from the village of San Matias, in Beja county, knowing to the reasons that led to the collision, but at the time the area was under dense fog.

The violence of the collision was such that the two cars were facing the same direction, South North, and had scattered parts of the two vehicles through more than 100 meters from the road.

Renault Megane in two places, who followed in the north / south direction, in Vidigueira Beja-section, traveling the driver, to what has been possible to ascertain traveled a military air force, I would have as a destination the Air Base 11, in Beja.

In another vehicle, a Mercedes van that ran in the opposite direction, carrying eight African citizens, agricultural workers, residents in Beja, They were bound one farm in Vidigueira, to carry out the vintage.

Traffic in IP2 was stopped in both directions for about an hour, so that the foul be transported to the hospital and fire proceed with the cleaning of the pathway.

On site were 28 operating the Fire Beja Volunteers, Cuba and Vidigueira, Medical Car Emergency and Resuscitation (VMER) do Hospital de Beja, GNR and Roads Plain, supported by 13 Car.

Military Crimes Research Center for Traffic Accidents of the GNR Beja Traffic Detachment, They were called to skills to vehicles in order to determine the causes of the violent collision.

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