Beja: Elderly couple dies in a screening at Mount of Desire.

A screening of a passenger car four kilometers from Beja caused the death of an elderly couple, this Saturday afternoon.

The car followed the National Road 260, when screening occurred, cerca the 17,20 minutes, for unknown reasons invaded the opposite way, kicked off a landmark in kilometers kilometer marble 4, designing it around 10 meters, eventually hit an eucalyptus.

After the collision the vehicle caught fire, having a driver of another vehicle passing by the local, extinguished the fire with the extinguisher that was in his car.

The man had 78 years and the woman 80 years. Deaths were reported in place by the doctor VMER.

The INEM helicopter based in Evora has been activated, but after realizing that the two people were killed, the same was demobilized.

For the site were mobilized ten operating the Beja Firefighters with three cars, a Medical Car Emergency and Resuscitation (VMER) and eight military GNR in four cars.

The bodies of those killed were transported to the Legal Medical Office Beja, where are necropsied.

Teixeira Correia


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