(Updated 2) Beja: Events Municipal Assembly, PS Concelhia takes position.

Municipal Assembly of Beja (AMBeja), generates communicated the parties involved of the elect. CDU issued a statement which accuses President “prepotency” and asks her “replacement”. PS requires given “a gravidade” the situation, the CDU “recant” this episode,

Update 2: In the statement issues on the night of 2nd show, PS maintains that João Dias, leader of the bench and Silvestre Troncão, President from J.F. of Baleizão, “They can not afford to continue” (read full statement at the end of the news).

The Municipal Assembly held at the end of yesterday afternoon and among other session points were discussed and approved the Major Options of the Plan and the Beja of the City Council Budget for the year 2019, but that was already on the eve of the meeting that the situation degenerated.

In social networks emerged comments gifts citizens, that they realized, que cerca the 21,00 hours, It would have been an attack on Kick, perpetrated by the President of the Parish Council Baleizão, Silvestre Troncão, elected by the CDU, against this citizen, Rui Marreiros, Militant PS and administrator of the Municipal Company of Water and Sanitation (EMAS).

Contacted by Lidador News (LN), Rui Marreiros, He said that "the president of Baleizão Parish Council attacked the kick a militant of the PS who was to attend the Municipal Assembly", not realized that it was his person.

When confronted if there was any complaint on PSP, for alleged assault, Rui Marreiros explained that "at this time there are only conditions to confirm aggression (attended by dozens of people and that the PS is internally analyze the situation and the measures to be taken ", adding that refer to later "best explanation", concluded.

For his all, Silvestre Troncão, I asked about what happened, explained that "a verbal discussion, Post-Assembly with an elected, there was interference from a third person, and an old question revived the memory of an event that had hurt me ", and when placed on the question whether there aggression Rui Marreiros, the chairman of the Joint Baleizão Parish "belied", arguing that "was nothing more than an intention", finished.

The Lidador News, He sought to know the version of the facts, by the president of AMBeja, Conceição Casanova, but could not get to talk to the elected by the Socialist Party.

Communiqué of the CDU

In view of the conduct of the work of the Beja Municipal Assembly yesterday, 26 November, CDU considers it important to provide the following clarifications:
At the end of the session of the Municipal Assembly, during the discussion of the last point on the Agenda, the President of the General Meeting, elected Socialist Party, banned the use of the word to an elected CDU, unilaterally closing the discussion and moving to the vote that point. Faced with protests from elected CDU, who insisted on the continuation of the debate, drawing attention to the request word that elected, said that the vote had been held and that the CDU had refrained the same, not taking into account the repeated assertion by those elected that had not voted. In the heated debate that followed, before the CDU position, who repeatedly claimed among other elected and the president of the Board not voting this point, an element of the public, socialist militant, intervened in the discussion between two elected, causing an unpleasant situation that deplores.
Considers totally unjustifiable CDU this behavior by the Chairman of the Municipal Assembly, what, however, It is not new, having been been experiencing over several sessions similar situations of bullying and bias in conducting the work, demonstrating, not least, a deep knowledge of what is required to who performs these functions.
Given the situation, and considering that the office of President of the Municipal Assembly Mesa has to be played with rigor, impartiality and correction, CDU understands that the next session of the Municipal Assembly should be scheduled the same point to be put to the vote, placing the need to change the President, considering that the person concerned does not fulfill the conditions for its exercise.

Statement from PS

Following the unfortunate end of the regular session of the Municipal Assembly of Beja 26.11.2018, inform the Secretariat of the PS Concelhia, elected to the City Council and the Municipal Assembly the following:
1.º – Nothing justifies the absolute emotional runaway of some elected the CDU group at the end of that session, this runaway ending proven aggression against a militant of the PS elected witnessed by all political groups, so it is a fact undeniable;
2.º – The CDU insisted on wanting to change the contents of a regulation to the vote in Municipal Assembly seat, something that is not permitted by that this is a competence of the City Council. To the Municipal Assembly can only approve or reject the proposals for a regulation submitted by the CM in full. There is therefore a matter of common sense, but of legality;
3.º – The elected PS municipal bodies in the Beja Municipality not intimidated by behaviors of verbal threats or physical violence that threaten their legitimate representatives in those bodies or against their militants are present in public nature of meetings;
4.º – PS understands that this natural nervousness does not justify the constant too exalted behavior of some members of the CDU in the Municipal Assembly of Beja, headed by Deputy João Dias, a major contributor to the climate created animosity, which enhances scenes like those which sadly turned out to see the end of the last session. Congressman John Dias does not meet conditions for it to lead the CDU group in the Municipal Assembly of Beja;
5. º - The gravity of the situation requires that the CDU retract this episode, that was active protagonist, and apologize to the County population of Beja to have embarrassed the Municipal Assembly and tarnished the dignity of the body;
6.º – Whereas the elected CDU, perpetrator of a militant of the PS at the end of the session, It does not collect from the date any conditions to attend meetings of the Beja Municipal Assembly understands the PS that the elected President of Baleizão Parish Council must take the consequences of his act resigning from positions occupied;
7.º – The PS will not lose time with this episode which was not an actor. People want and demand that the elected majority and the opposition to engage in the promotion of the common well-being and development of our county and our region. This is where the PS / Beja is focused. The PS is not liable for third-party behavior and make sure that the citizens will make a correct assessment of what each move;
8º – Finally the PS reiterates its full solidarity and confidence in the competence of the current President of the Municipal Assembly for the functions it performs;

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