(Update) Almodovar: Military GNR dies in head-on collision, involving two cars.

Um militar da GNR, of 27 year old, He died Sunday as a result of a head-on collision between two vehicles, one of which led to the victim, which took place at City Road 1167, at Mount Masters, in the municipality of Almodovar.

Source of Relief Operations District Command (CDOS) Beja revealed that the warning was given to 19,53 hours, realizing a frontal collision between two passenger cars.

The Lidador News (LN) It found that the accident occurred on the road that connects the EN2 and Neves-Corvo Mine, a section that makes a slight curve, but with two very wide track.

The local Volunteer Fire Department took place elements of Almodovar, Medical Emergency and Resuscitation Car (VMER) Beja, the Immediate Support Car Life (SIV) de Castro Verde e a GNR, in total 29 operational, supported by 11 Car. The EM1167 has been closed to traffic in both directions, since the arrival of emergency services to the accident site and for about four hours.

Despite the efforts of rescue teams, which included resuscitation, It was no longer possible to save the driver of one of the vehicles, Pedro Costa, Military Criminal Investigation Unit of the GNR of Almodovar, who followed in his private car, taking the death was declared on site.

The other car was driven by an employee of the Neves-Corvo Mine, of 30 year old, that is gone earlier shift and had as Almodovar destination, and was transported to the Beja Hospital, It is considered slightly injured.

Pedro Costa, it was single, living in de facto union, and it was a great lover of motorbikes being connected to the biker club in his homeland. There are half a dozen years, We had a violent motorcycle accident, during Motard Concentration Faro, having been hospitalized for many months.

The body of the fatality was transported to the Medical-Legal Office Beja, where it will be autopsied.

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