Aljustrel: One dead, one seriously injured is the result of an accident in the mine.

One dead, one seriously injured, It was the result of an accident inside the mine Fetal, located in the place of Iron Mesh, in Aljustrel, He found the Lidador News with supply of the Union of Workers of the Mining Industry (STIM).

The two workers, mechanical, They were dragged into a ditch 40 meters deep, inside an open box van 4×4, which fell from an altitude of 310 To the 350 meters. The mine is operated by the Portuguese company Mining Development (EPDM).

According to the District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) Beja, "There are two victims" not realizing it would be injured or killed. The accident occurred at 11,11 hours and beyond rescue teams of the mine itself, They are in place 13 operating the Aljustrel Fire and immediate support of car life (SIV) Castro Verde, supported by 5 Car.

The Conditions Authority at Work (ACT) They have a team on the way to the crash site.

The last accident inside the Aljustrel mines occurred in 6 October 2017, and caused a serious injured following a collision between a dump (tipper truck) and an open box van, a 200 meters deep, leaving your driver, of 48 years in prison.

The wounded, I politraumatized, He was transported by helicopter to the Hospital of Faro.

Teixeira Correia


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