Aljustrel: Fatal accident in the Mining Complex. Second death in a month.

a worker, natural Milhundos, county Penafiel, He died today in the Mining Complex of Almina, where among other works would wash. The man worked for a subcontractor, based in that locality northern, He died on the spot.

A man, of 35 year old, He died on the afternoon of Thursday, in Mining Complex Almina, in Aljustrel, where among other works would wash minerals, When supplied a water tank, known as Joper, and it was caught by the tractor PTO.

The accident occurred at 14,23 hours, when Nuno Pinto, Natural Milhundos, in Penafiel county, worker company Terraplagens machines Biniter-Rental, Lda, based in that locality, It was slaughtered by the shaft transmitting mechanical propulsion of the tractor and Joper.

Despite the rapid rescue, the worker Biniter, company subcontracted by Almina, He succumbed to his injuries and died on the spot, where they were mobilized 10 operating the Aljustrel Fire, medical car emergency and resuscitation (VMER) do Hospital de Beja, support vehicle immediately life (SIV) Castro Verde, GNR they Aljustrel, supported by five vehicles.

The Conditions Authority at Work (ACT was mobilized to the scene and opened an investigation into the causes of the accident. The body of Nuno Pinto will then be transported to the Medico-Legal Office Beja, where it will be autopsied.

This was the second death in Aljustrel, during the year, after last day 11 Feb., Joaquim Guerreiro, of 46 year old, passed away when he was dragged by the car that was driving and crashed into a ditch, no interior da minas de Feitais.

other cases

20 May 2015: A fall from a conveyor, a height 190 meters, led to Joaquim Gomes death, of 49 year old, resident in Odivelas, Ferreira do Alentejo county.

6 October 2017: A man, of 48 year old, He was seriously injured following a collision between a dump (tipper truck) and an open box van, a 200 meters deep, leaving your driver jailed. He polytrauma.

Jacinto Anacleto (Leader of the Workers Union Mining Industry / STIM)

"It continues to die in Aljustrel and it seems that nobody wants to do nothing. We continue to denounce the lack of security and require the ACT to act more actively. Workers are afraid of losing their jobs and have to shut up. In less than a month we have two dead in Aljustrel ".

Teixeira Correia


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