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The millennials believe that their direct supervisors do not have the soft skills necessary to develop the role and the achievements are not valued within the company. The findings are from a study consultant Hays entitled "Generation Z: digital natives in the labor market ".

The soft skills are interpersonal skills, of teamwork, communication and resilience capacity. In deep, They are exactly the opposite of the hard skills, referring to technical skills of a particular profession.

In the same questionnaire, the generation of baby boomers, born between the years 40 and 60's, is the most believe that their superiors have soft enough skills to play the leadership role.

Hays also presented in early August a report that reveals that "Generation Z", or digital natives, It is not interested in leaving the country in the coming years. They are also less interested in changing generation company.

Reuters advances that Instagram will have a new option that will allow users to report posts they consider false.

Although it is not forbidden to publish false information on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, the issue has become more urgent given the impact that false information may have had in democratic polls.

More oriented images, Instagram is not immune to false information and the plan is to continue trying to educate users about the risks of potentially false content.

The publications that have been reported as false not disappear automatically, but will be taken from places on the social network where people search for new content.

According to Reuters this project on Instagram is still in its infancy.

With the release of Disney's streaming service, or Disney +, confirmed to day 12 November comes time to find concrete information, namely the platforms where the service app will be available.

According to The Verge, Disney + will be available for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, smartphones e tablets Android, Android TV, Chromecast, web browsers and even game consoles like PlayStation 4 e a Xbox One.

Disney + will not only compatible and will also allow the inscription on these platforms, so problems are not expected to join.

Now YouTube. The democratization of access to YouTube Originals comes this year.

will be 24 September the channel productions, formerly known as YouTube Red, will be accessible free of charge to users who are not subscribed.

In "exchange" there will be interruptions, with some ads to series, films and original YouTube events.

In Portugal a trip to the movies costs, average, 6,60 euros, according to the calculations of Picodi platform. Now, compared to other countries this figure is even lower, since prices vary between 3 and 17,5 euros per ticket.

The issue picture changes when we moved from traditional to 3D movies, since the price is more expensive about 38% in Portugal.

Even so, there are countries where this difference is even more evident:

On the opposite side, any difference paid tickets to attend a film session with 3D effect was noted in Finland and India, next to 7%, in both.

Another curiosity is that Portugal is one of the countries where the weekend the price of the movie ticket remains, unlike Austria or Japan where prices soar 38% the sixth, saturday and sunday.

Now Week debut. Featured in the film "Assault on Power" (“Angel Has Fallen” no título original).

Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman are the highlights of the cast of this feature film conducted by Ric Roman Waugh

The story focuses on Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), an agent of the secret services, dedicated and always focused on your work, you see your life change completely when he was accused of plotting the assassination of US President (Morgan Freeman). When you realize that everyone is behind him, Mike enters a race against time to find out what really happened while fleeing from other agents.

Is a sample of this action film with the trailer:

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