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Kaspersky revealed that DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) decreased 2018.

This is one of the most accessible cybercrimes, due to its low cost of launching. Unlike other attacks, it is not a system invasion, but an invalidation of the same through its overhead, which often result in preventing access to internal data.

Second Kaspersky, last year there was a decrease of 13% these attacks, however, computer security expert warns that these are increasingly sophisticated, so in 2019 threat can be stronger and more dangerous.

Returning to the data 2018, the average duration of attacks has more than doubled, passing 95 minutes in the first quarter of the year to 218 the fourth and last quarter.

Now one curiosity. The Uber presented its third annual report 'Lost & Found Index 'and in it are revealed the most lost objects by customers and also the strangest items in cars.

These were 10 more often lost objects in cars Uber: telephone, chamber, Wallet, keys, bad / backpacks, clothing, glasses, headphones, electronic cigarettes and identification documents.

And among 20 strangest objects that have been found by Uber prominent conductors for five: a light brown Chihuahua with eight weeks, tuxedo for a small dog, complete set of teeth in gold 18k, championship belt 'wrestling' made in Lego and breast milk with milk extraction pump.

Go to a suggestion. We present a website that allows remixing themes using online music available, on platforms like Soundcloud and YouTube.

Through You.DJ you can select the songs you want to place to play. You can list the greatest hits of YouTube or Soundcloud or you can search all those who wish. There are also themed filters so you can choose to dance music, hiphop, rock, among others.

The website features a virtual desktop that simulates two DJ turntables, which allows load two songs and, at least, play around with them.

Of course, the Pro version adds more elements, but still worth it.

You can access the website at You.DJ

The service PlayStation Now has come to Portugal.

Now you can subscribe to this authentic library consisting of over 600 games the ages of PS2, PS3 e PS4. The service is available via PlayStation 4 and a PC application.

Titles like Bloodborne, Mortal Kombat X, The Last of Us, God of War 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, WWE 2K18, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Metro Last Light, Mafia 3, Killzone: Shadow Fall, among others, They are part of the catalog.

The subscription of one month costs 14.99 €. The subscription 12 months worth 99.99 €. so you are still entitled to a free trial period of 7 days.

Na PlayStation 4 have the option to download the games to disk. The service is also compatible with PC, but here you can not unload the titles, always necessary to be online to play.

Or Disney + You do not have neither price nor release date confirmed, but already there is a confirmation.

All Disney animated classics will be the new company's streaming service. 'The Lion King' and 'Beauty and the Beast' are on the list.

For fans of the Disney movies this might be an argument more than enough to sign the Disney +.

Final note for the day 11 April, date on which the Disney promised to announce more details.

We ended up with the usual movie suggestion.

"Replica" is the film directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff that now comes to the big screen and where Keanu Reeves takes the starring role.

William Foster (Keanu Reeves), a brilliant neuroscientist, It is about to get out the process by which a human consciousness can be transferred to a computer. However, the advent of this scientific discovery, his family dies in a tragic car accident.

The solution is to create replicas of your family, but this is a painful choice for Foster can only bring three of his four relatives back to life.

Here's the trailer:

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