Telechronics (Ademar Days of opinion): thematic known but there are new views.

The Bitcoin network consumes more energy than Portugal.

A study by the University of Cambridge used an online tool called Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index to determine the amount of energy required to maintain real-time operation of the Bitcoin network.

The data show that the Bitcoin network consumes more than seven gigawatts of electricity. Over a year, this is equivalent to a power consumption 64 terawatts per hour. Now, this value exceeds 46.94 terawatts consumed in Portugal. The 58.46 Switzerland and the 62.34 the Czech Republic also serve as a reference.

The study said that the network is cryptocurrency 0,25% of worldwide electricity consumption.

Even so, researchers point out that these figures are only estimates.

A survey conducted with large and medium-sized business executives, conducted in 10 countries, concluded that 53% of respondents believe that the 5G network brings few additional advantages over 4G networks, in terms of speed and network capacity.

According to the results of this global study by Accenture, 72% of executives say they have difficulty imagining future possibilities and uses the 5G, and that telecommunications companies are service providers with which the 40% of respondents plan to join in its implementation.

More, 60% executives consider to be a lack of knowledge on the part of telecommunications service providers about the challenges in their industries and as the 5G might be applied to innovate.

The initial investment (36%), the security (32%) and adhesion of reviewers (29%) are the main obstacles highlighted.

We US, a survey conducted by researchers from the International Computer Science Institute shows that more than 1.300 applications of the official store of Android collect personal data even without user permission.

In total, 1.325 applications that do not respect the commitments made by users, a universe of 88 thousand apps analyzed in the Play Store.

Indeed, limit the permissions of an application can not be guaranteed privacy of data, since it was found that they could circumvent the limitations imposed by the user, collecting photos location data and personal information connections to Wi-Fi networks.

The research also identified other ways of collecting data, such as unauthorized access to files not protected SD memory cards.

It remains to redouble care.

After all, how many followers It is necessary to be considered a celebrity on the Internet?

A case to be tried in the United Kingdom led the British regulator the Advertising Standards Authority (SO) to review this number and the bar is in 30 thousand followers.

The case in question concerns a sharing Instagram a lifestyle blogger with 32 thousand followers, and the ASA considered that 30 thousand followers indicates that the publication would have "the attention of a significant number of people".

30 thousand in the British reality, less safely in Portuguese reality, of course?!

No cinema, We highlight the premiere of the film "In the Shadow of the Law" (“Dragged Across Concrete” no título original), a film made by S. Craig Zahler that tells how Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn and Tory Kittles as leading names in the actors list.

It is an intense crime thriller about Brett Ridgeman (Mel Gibson) e Anthony Lurasetti (Vince Vaughn), two police officers who eventually suspended after a video with their harsh tactics be disclosed by a television channel. With little money and no options, the bitter agents descend to the underworld of crime to seek justice, but eventually find waiting more than desired.


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