Telechronics (Ademar Days of opinion): mobile phones, smartphones and more of the same.

To launch a first stone who never took out his mobile phone to escape an uncomfortable social situation!

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for these (we should be all of us), a University of California indicates that your mobile phone meets, this aspect, the role of 'safety net' for your social life. inherently, when the device is kept in pocket, even just to calm the user just by their presence.

The researchers found that people who were in possession of their mobile phones (regardless of the use or not) They had less stress hormones when they were ignored in conversations.

Responsible admit that there may be flaws in study, as they were part of younger people with little more 20 years. However, it is possible that older people, not grown up with mobile devices, have a different answer.

The researchers theorize that the mobile device can represent a wider social network, thus decreasing the anxiety of users caused when they are ignored or discarded.

Is this the reason that the phone to help reduce stress levels in social situations?

Another study North American, this University of Toledo and published in the journal Scientific Reports, assessed the consequences that the blue light from the digital device screens can have on vision.

And the news is not good for those who spend time surfing the internet. According to the study, prolonged exposure to blue light emitted by the screens, as well as interfere with sleep, can cause irreversible eye damage and blindness.

As? The blue light exposure causes toxic molecules are generated in the light-sensitive cells of the eye, which can cause macular degeneration, an incurable condition that affects the central part of vision.

"We are constantly exposed to blue light and the cornea and lens of the eye can not block it or reflect it", Ajith explained Karunarathner, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and author of the study.

In deep, know that the blue light is harmful is not new. Novelty is how it is processed.

John Payton, co-author, It suggests that mobile phone companies add filters to blue light of the screens of the devices. It is suggested.

We continue to speak mobile phones, smartphones or if you prefer the models that we all have become accustomed.

And now we talk about the Portuguese example, with the online platform KuantoKusta to reveal which smartphones marks the Portuguese seek more.

And among Portuguese consumers is Samsumg that appears at the top of the table. The South Korean manufacturer leads the online surveys with nine models, followed by the Chinese Xiaomi and Huawei and away more and more of the US Apple.

Data from the online comparator refer to the period between January and June this year and shows that Samsung Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Huawei P20 Lite are, in that order, models that are at the table podium 20 most popular smartphones.

An analysis of the data shows that one of the important factors and preferred the Portuguese consumer in the purchase decision relates to the size of the screens with high battery life. The models with these characteristics increased by 16% total targeted clicks to the shops registered in ecommerce platform.

And in video games, Matt Bilbey, vice president of strategic development at Electronic Arts (SHE), believes that the consoles as we know them have days and a period of 10 years will be embedded in other devices, such as smart TVs and smartphones.

EA sees much potential in the smart TV market and talks about the possibility of being included in an application such as Origin Access that allows users to pay a subscription and access a video game library, equal to what is already happening in services like Netflix.

In addition to the smart TVs, and the streaming video game closer to reach the mass market, Matt Bilbey speculates that consoles like the PlayStation will possibly begin to exist on your smartphone.

The official believes, no future, the experience will be “pushed all the different screens to which you have access”, and adds that “inside of 10 years will be on all other devices that you possess.”

A decade from now we will see!

closed as habitually, with the week's movie suggestion.

The highlight is the film “Ant-Man and Wasp”. Peyton Reed is the director responsible for conducting the second delivery of this little hero on the big screen, an adventure in which arises now accompanied by another insect, this with wings.

After “Captain America: Civil war”, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) You have to deal with the consequences of their choices as a superhero and father. While struggling to balance personal life and their responsibilities as Ant-Man, It is confronted by Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) e Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) with a new mission. Scott will once again donning the fact that Ant-Man and learn to fight alongside d’ A Vespa, while the team works together to discover secrets of the past.

Here's the trailer:

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