Telechronics (Ademar Days of opinion): many studies and some numbers.

The young Portuguese can not assess whether the information 'online' is reliable, according to a study that reveals that almost half of the students of the 8th grade can only perform "tasks elementary" collection and information management.

Born and grew up surrounded by technology but ultimately the majority of youth 13 and 14 year old, known as "digital native", You do not have that much ability to use information technology, It reveals an international study that tested the knowledge of more than 46 thousand students 12 countries and two educational systems. These students, are about three thousand students 215 Portuguese schools.

The result is clear: only 1% the young Portuguese managed to select the most relevant information and was able to assess the usefulness and reliability of the information to create information products. And the total 46 thousand students, only 2% It has demonstrated its capability to access critical form of information 'online'.

Portugal integrates the first time the group of countries where better to speak English in the world.

According to the annual report of the EF Inglês Proficiency Index (an international education company focused on the language, training and cultural experience), “Portugal is the 12th country in the world where English is spoken better”, first reaching the proficiency level "very high".

The analysis also shows that the port is the city where the best English is spoken in Portugal.

The gender, reveals report, contrary to what happened in last year's study, Portuguese men achieved this year better than women.

A leading or ranking Netherlands, for the fourth time in nine years. Sweden is in second place and Norway complete the podium.

Weekends three days increase productivity. The conclusion comes from in Japan, but it may well be the same in the West.

no East, the productivity of Microsoft Japan increased 40% In August, period in which the lender granted weekends three days, as tested with the 2.300 employees and which were obtained surprising results.

In practice employees have not worked the five Fridays of August, but also they did not lose a penny or spend a vacation day or clearances, enjoying long weekends this month.

In the four working days the duration of the meetings was reduced to 30 minutes and most turned out to be canceled, choosing the company for online perform them, through chats.

As they passed less 20% time in the company there was a productivity increase 39,9%, and there have been savings on the bills of electricity and office supplies. Microsoft Japan spent less 23,1% of electricity in August and workers printed less 58,7% pages.

No total, 92,1% employees enjoyed the experience.

A team of Researchers from UCL Ear Institute believes that the human brain takes only 100 a 300 milliseconds to recognize a familiar song.

The scientific study with the participation of five men and five women who chose a familiar song and were asked to combine it with an unknown music, with rhythm, song, harmony, voice and the like. Scientists monitored the brain activity of ten participants as they listened 100 song samples and unknown family.

no end, scientists have discovered that the brains of participants identified the songs recognized among 100 and 300 milliseconds, in other words, In a flash.

A survey of Valve reveals that the more graphic used on Steam is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (more than 14% of respondents), as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 To come in second place (9.66%).

How to AMD, the most popular graphics is the Radeon RX 580, used by 1.54% of respondents.

Valve's report also shows that the amount of RAM is more popular 8GB (36.81% of respondents), closely followed by 16GB (35.48%).

As for the resolutions used by most players on Steam, only 1.74% users play their games 3840×2160, better known as native 4K. With 64.58% of users, the resolution more used 1920×1080, native 1080p.

And in film, highlighting the debut of an action movie that takes us back to World War II.

“Midway”, the renowned director Roland Emmerich, It has a renowned cast, highlighting the presence of actors like Woody Harrelson, Mandy Moore, Patrick Wilson, among others.

This film recreates the days of the famous Battle of Midway, a clash between the American fleet and the Imperial Japanese Navy that changed the course of events in the Pacific theater of war during World War II. The film is based on true events and real heroes, narrating the story of audacity and courage, both sides, in what was the longest sea battle this military confrontation.

Trailer of the movie

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