Telechronics (Ademar Days of opinion): Alpha generation and other uses and customs.

We took the alphabet. generation X, Y (Millennials), WITH… now we have the Alpha Generation. According to the futuristic, demographer and speaker Mark McCrindle, all born in this decade are part of Generation Alfa.

The Alfa children have, They are and will grow up surrounded by technology, with iPads in hand, They do not know the world without smartphones and have the ability to express thoughts and emotions online in seconds.

These changes in technology make this mass generation, among other, the most transformative ever, according McCrindle.

The expert also said that, unlike previous generations, who used technology in day-to-day, these individuals grow attached to it.

The excessive use of phone is making the human body.

A study by a team of Australian scientists at the University of the Sunshine Coast ensures that some people are developing a bone above the neck, for always being bent to look at the small screen, requiring additional force neck.

The researchers observed lateral cervical spine radiographs, people between 18 and 30 years, and found 218 cases with this problem, called "external occipital protuberance". these 218 people, 10% have had new bone with at least 2 centimeters in length.

The study concluded that the problem affects men (67%) than women, with the largest bone found had 3,6 centimeters long and was a man.

The latest study Behaviors additives to 18 years', promoted by intervention service in Additives and Behavior in Dependencies (SICAD), It revealed that about one quarter of young people mentioned that they had some kind of problem in the 12 previous months, that associates the use of the internet, it does not appear significant differences between boys and girls.

The kind of problem mentioned further refers to performance in school / work (9,6%), followed by situations of emotional malaise (11,5%) and problems with behavior at home (9,6%).

There was also 1,7% who said they had health problems, motivating health care, 1,8% said financial problems, 1,8 acts of violence, 1,4% disorderly conduct and 2,7% said they had sex without a condom.

The majority of young people surveyed have had contact with the internet, with most (57,5%) started their use among 10 and 14 year old, 34% before 10 years and 7,2% to 15 years or more.

The study can be consulted, in full, in

The mobile segment It is the most profitable for the gaming industry companies. According to the latest report from Newzoo, in 2019 market sales of smartphones and tablets will generate 68.5 billion dollars in revenue. This value represents 45% of total sector revenues.

The estimate comes through 62 thousand surveys of people 30 different countries. Data were collected between February and March this year.

The report also estimates that the consoles are responsible for the second largest share of the pie, with 47.9 billion generated in 2019. PC games for download, which also fall within the titles player in the browser, They will generate about 35.7 thousand millions.

Even with the numbers to serve as a criterion, Tencent will end the year as the largest company in this market. Second comes the Sony (PlayStation), with Microsoft (Xbox) in third place. Apple, Activision Blizzard, Google, Netease, Electronic Arts, Nintendo and Namco Bandai following to the list in this order.

by market, the leadership goes to the US, with 36.9 billion dollars in revenue generated. China is in second place, with 36.5 thousand millions, and Japan third, with 19 thousand millions.

No cinema, there is the animated film Toy Story 4.

Josh Cooley performs the new edition of the film where actors like Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Annie Potts are responsible for giving voice to the characters.

We again have a story that Woody has an unexpected detour, which includes a meeting with her friend long-lost, Bo Peep. After years on his own, the adventurous spirit of Bo and life on the road contrast with its delicate porcelain exterior. Woody and Bo realize they are worlds apart when it comes to the life of a toy, but soon discover that this is the least of your worries.

Cheer up, since now, with trailer:

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